Abstract Submission

The Deadline for submission of abstracts is June 15th for both students and general submission.

We invite presentations on any area of comparative nutrition. The focus of scientific sessions will be developed by program chairs after abstracts are received, rather than defined prior to receiving abstract submissions. Recognizing the diversity of disciplines associated with the Comparative Nutrition Society (CNS) and its membership, this approach ensures broad representation of the relevant sciences and issues. All abstracts will be published electronically in the 2022 CNS Symposia Proceedings, which will be distributed to participants of the symposium and to the entire CNS membership.

Abstracts will be reviewed for technical clarity. Attempts will be made to honor presentation preferences (oral or poster); however, program constraints may necessitate changes. Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length. Although we do not require a specific template, Abstracts should present a complete capsule of information to be presented including (a) a statement of introduction and hypothesis or specific objectives, (b) a brief statement of methods, (c) relevant data, (d) summary of results, and (e) statement of conclusions. Tables and figures may be included. Authors are encouraged to provide several key references. Abstracts may be general reviews or new reports of research results.

Submission Format
Abstracts must be submitted online. Abstracts must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Figures need to be in JPG format only. Tables need to be made in Word and NOT in JPG (or imbedded Microsoft objects) to allow for formatting. All numbers should be decimal aligned in tables. See the sample paper - click the following link: /images/uploads/abstracts/Details_on_formatting.pdf or email rosen@zoology.ubc.ca for any formatting questions.

Submission Style
Abstracts must follow APA Style, and authors are encouraged to use the example format. However, word count considerations for future publications may necessitate a shorter format, and these will be considered. Poorly formatted Abstracts may be returned for resubmission.

Follow the link above for a short explanation of the APA Style and an example of the abstract format. Please use this example and the guide that follows when preparing your submission.

Abstracts in the CNS proceedings are not subject to peer review and should be considered preliminary reports of research. Abstracts are not to be cited and presentation of preliminary findings in the CNS proceedings should not affect future publication of final reports of research in peer-reviewed journals.

Posters should be easy to read and the message should be clear. Use letters that are large enough to be read from five feet away. Exact poster dimensions will be provided closer to the symposium date. Posters must be physically brought to the conference.

5 MB max. MS Word format .doc or .docx
5 MB max. MS Word format .doc or .docx