Student Research Competition

Students attending the symposium who choose to submit an abstract are eligible for the following awards. Abstracts will be judged based on scientific merit and their potential to make an innovative and exciting contribution to the field of comparative nutrition. Due to the need to review all papers being considered for competition, the Deadline for all papers that wish to be considered for any of the following awards has passed.

Abstracts must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Figures need to be in JPG format only. Tables need to be made in Word and NOT in JPG to allow for formatting. All numbers should be decimal aligned in tables.

Further formatting details and an example extended abstract is also available by clicking /images/uploads/abstracts/Details_on_formatting.pdf.

Competitive Student Awards

All student abstracts submitted will be eligible for our Student Competitions. We have multiple awards available, which are based on either the abstract submission or presentation of the material.

Our Abstract-based awards available are:

  • The Susan Crissey Memorial Scholarship recognizes student research in captive animals.
  • The Malcolm Ramsey Memorial Scholarship recognize student research in field-based animal studies.
  • The Duane Ullrey Memorial International Scholarship recognizes student research from a participant outside the USA.

Multiple presentation-based awards will also be given at the symposium.


Some great topics and presentations await you at the upcoming CNS conference! Many congrats to the winners of the travel awards:

The Malcolm Ramsey Memorial Scholarship: Ekaterina Lopez-Bondarchuck (University of Guelph) Macronutrient Analysis of Three Species of Periodical (17-Year) Cicadas: Magicicada septendecium, M. cassini, and M. septendecula

The Susan Crissey Memorial Scholarship: Keith Ou (Cornell University) Multiple DietarySupplementations in LayingHens Enrich DHA, 25-OH D3, and Astaxanthin Jointly in Egg Yolks forHuman Consumption Benefits

The Duane Ullrey International Student Award: Mengmeng Sun (Ghent University) The Role of Digestible Glutamine and Glutamate in Carnivore Nutrition

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Also please check out the ZNWF 2022 Grant for Education and Travel for attendance at CNS - /images/site_downloads/ZWNF_2022_Education__Travel_Grant.pdf